Explosive Visual Content

A world class team of industry professionals who have worked with major TV channels and off-line content producers, BrightFire produces visual content across all the media formats.

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Special Effects

BrightFire has a team of highly experienced special effects professionals who have provided SFX for the worlds biggest TV shows including Amazon Original - The Grand Tour, BBC - Top Gear, CBBC - Operation Ouch, Science Channel - Strange Evidence to name a few.

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Event Production

BrightFire has organised and managed large indoor and outdoor events in amazing venues around the country. From firework displays choregraphed to music to corporate events and new car launches, our events run smoothly and safely.

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Pyrotechnics & Fireworks

BrightFire is an award winning firework company specialising in pyro-musical displays choreographed perfectly to fantastic soundtracks.
Pyrotechnics add dazzling impact to stage and TV productions and bring another dimension to a show.

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Studios & Locations

With rolling fields and sea views, our site on a farm in the South Downs National Park is one of the most picturesque places in the UK.

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Welcome to BrightFire HQ

BrightFire is a small but innovative company providing a wide range of services to the entertainments industry. We are the go-to people for the unusual, the unknown and the plain crazy.

We will tell you what is possible from the outset, avoiding disappointment and potentially saving thousands of pounds and weeks of wasted time in preproduction. We will not skirt around the facts, we know the science, we know what is possible and we know what will work for digital media content across all formats. Where other companies fail, BrightFire succeeds and thrives.

We get things done, we make your job simpler and we make you look good.

Digital Content Production

More about BrightFire

Vast knowlegde & experience!

Mike's passion for fireworks, explosives, science and engineering is what has made BrightFire such a success. No job is too big and no request too weird. Mike will always come up with a way to make something work.
Mike has presented on many TV programs and is currently filming a new series called How Hacks Work...

(company director)

Experts with fire, pyro & explosives!

We can reproduce any fire effect, any pyro, spark, smoke or explosion. If we don't have the specific effect in stock we can make it. everything we do is thoroughly tested and risk assessed. If you don't have the space for the effect you want to do, we do! Our workshop has been the host of many TV shows.

(small petrol lifter)

Things that go boom!

BrightFire are licensed and insured to handle all types of explosives for SFX work. We have made numerous props purely to be blown up for productions. You name it we can design it, make it and blow it up. We are skilled in rigging bullet hits and have digital firing systems that can simulate any speed of gun shot.

(HE & LE)