Here's an insight into what we've worked on

How Hacks Work – Viasat Explore
Top Gear – BBC
The Grand Tour – Grand Tour Productions
Food Unwrapped – Ricochet
Lucy Worsley’s Fireworks for a Tudor Queen – BBC
Brian Cox Science Britannica – BBC
Dick & Dom’s Absolute Genius – BBC
Dick & Dom’s live science shows
Strange Evidence – WAG TV
It’s Not Rocket Science – ITV
Operation Ouch – CBBC
Big Bigger Biggest – National Geographic
Stephen Hawkins Genius – National Geographic
Royal Institution Christmas Lectures
Kaboom – Live Science Show
Beat the Ancestors – Dragonfly Film and Television Production
Bang Goes The Theory – BBC
Mythbusters – Discovery
Derren Brown’s Apocalypse
Jamie & Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast – Channel 4
Breaking Magic – Discovery
The Secrets of Everything – BBC
None Of The Above
Experimental – Channel 4
Live science shows with Fran Scott –
Stand up to Cancer –
Tricked –
Rae Morris music video –
Theodore Gray’s The Elements app
Choccywoccydoodahh show – SFX
Ford Fiesta Launch –
Cheltenham Science Festival
Police Speed Awareness videos
Destination Mars – National Geographic
Hubble’s Cosmic Journey – National Geographic
Southern Water Advert –
ASDA Advert –
Massive Engineering Mistakes – Science Channel
Honda Adverts
The Weather Show – BBC
Blue Peter – BBC
The Terms short film
Brainiac Live
Abu Dhabi Science Festival
Moscow Science Festival